Trader Joe’s update

March 18th

To:       Concerned Neighbors

From:  The Friendly Coalition

Updated News:

The Steering Committee continues to meet and discuss strategies and new information received.  A legal letter from Attorney Reid Phillips and Attorney D.J. O’Brien has been sent to Henry Isaacson, Attorney for Regency Centers. The letter says that there are Restrictive Covenants on the proposed property stating that all future use will be for Single Family Use only.  Mr. Isaacson has said publicly that they will continue to pursue their plans.  Also, he indicates that a Trader Joe’s locating in Winston-Salem will have no bearing on their plans to continue.

The next step for Regency will be to file their application by April 6th in order to be heard at the May 14th Zoning Hearing.  This action is being monitored closely by the Steering Committee.  Pencil the hearing date on your calendars as it will be very important to have a large representation of neighbors at the hearing!!!

So sit tight, and everyone will be notified immediately of any formal action filed with the Planning Department!  At that time, everyone will be asked to leap into action again by contacting the Zoning Commissioners, City Council and news media.

Thank you for your continued interest and support.  We will keep you informed!                      

Annual meeting on February 28, 2012

Annual meeting is at 7:30pm on 2/28/2012 at First Lutheran Church.  Please join us in the Community Center room; we’d love to see you there.

Trader Joe’s / Hobbs Rd & Friendly Ave rezoning information

The Hamilton Lakes & Parks Board is not leading the no rezoning effort for the corner of Friendly and Hobbs Road, but the Board does support the opposition — as being in the best long-term interests of preserving our lakes and parks, which is our primary responsibility.  Protecting the residential integrity of our neighborhood requires preventing any further development along Friendly Avenue, west of Holden Road, and we see the Board’s position on this project as supporting that important goal. 


We are always glad to get constructive feedback from our members and alerts to neighborhood issues of concern.  We would like to be responsive and engaged.  Our primary purpose here is to be sure our members are aware of the issues, so they can decide whether they want to be heard, for or against the proposed rezoning.   We are posting some links for both sides of the issue and we always encourage people to express their views on important issues.

January 2012 Newsletter

January 2012 Newsletter (you will need to install Adobe Reader if you don’t already have it installed).

January 2012 Newsletter

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Historical legal document on the history of the town of Hamilton Lakes

Interesting history of the town of Hamilton Lakes.

Hamilton Lakes legal document

Jam to Fund the Dam – September 24th, 2011

We don’t have to make any repairs to the Lake Hamilton dam right now, but it’s only a matter of time before repairs are required.  See the attached brochure for a fun way you can help!

Jam to Fund the Lake Hamilton Dam Mailer

Photos from The Jam to Fund the Dam

Lost beagle/basset hound mix

lost dog today, July 31:

Ginger, a beagle/basset mix
lives at 117 Nutbush Road West

Email any info to

Lost dog found in Starmount Forest – owner found!

Text of email:

Hello everyone~ please forward to “doggie” friends.  One never knows who may know someone missing a dog.  My plan is to keep him another wk and then hope he gets adopted at the animal shelter.  I have sent them this photo in the event the owner checks there.

Think he is a beagle/bassett mix, tricolor (mostly white), and looking at his sparkly white teeth he is younger than I originally thought,  thinking a year now?  He has been neutered and is on the heavy side which makes me believe he slipped  away from someone who is missing him.  Crates easily at night and rests there when tired so that makes me think he’s an inside dog.  His feet showed no signs of being an outside  dog.  Loves children, people and other dogs but does jump, we’re working on that.  Tried to get him to walk ME to his house, but he didn’t understand.  I know a lot of the dogs in the neighborhood but have never seen this one, and neither do people I stop and ask.  That makes me think the storm Wed. night might have him further from his home than I originally thought.  SOOOO, please forward to neighboring communities and let’s see if we can find his owner.  It would be really nice if you could also print and post this flyer.

Found Dog


UPDATE on 5/5:  Dog’s owner found!  From email thread:

Spotdog’s real name is Jesse.  Jesse lives on Holden and his Sternberger student owner saw his photo and had her mom call me.  He, and I, will sleep well tonight.  Yeah and thanks for helping get out the word!!

2011 Association Annual Meeting

Association Annual Meeting is Tuesday, March 22nd at 7:00 pm at the Price library branch off of Hobbs Rd between Jefferson and New Garden. The meeting agenda includes:

* 2010 report on Hamilton Lake and Lake Euphemia
* Financial report
* Old business
* New business
* Other matters of interest
* Voting for officers and board of directors