Trader Joe’s update #2

April 7th

To:  Concerned Neighbors

From:  The Friendly Coalition


Regency Centers DID NOT FILE  an April application with the Planning Department for the Rezoning on the corner of Hobbs and Friendly Road for a proposed Shopping Center.

We are confident that Regency, as well as the Greensboro Zoning Commission and City Council, knows that public sentiment is against this planned commercial development on residential property.

While the battle will likely continue, we are asking that our supporters remove the No Rezoning signs at this time for a couple of reasons.  First, we are concerned that over time, the signs may become tattered and depending on how long it takes Regency to make up its mind, we may need them for some time to come.  Second, with the upcoming political season, we anticipate a large number of additional signs being placed in residential yards and don’t want our issue to be viewed as obsolete. Please store the signs in anticipation that they could be needed again in the coming months. If we become aware that a rezoning request is likely, we will ask you to once again place the signs in your yards.

The leaders of Friendly Coalition will issue a press release indicating that we continue our opposition to commercial development, and we will remain in contact with Zoning Commissioners and City Council representatives.

The next application deadline will be May 4th in order to be heard at the June 11th Zoning Commission hearing.


Thank you for your support.


Mark O’Connor
Scott Kinsey
Greg Brown


The Friendly Coalition